What causes hair loss?

What causes hair loss?Hair loss is quite common to women and men. In fact, hair loss is an annoyed problem, it has bothered a lot of people because it affects your appearance to a certain extent. Some people might look stunning with bald head but many are not happy with it. They try very hard to look for the best treatment to solve it so that they can get back their hair and look better among their peers.

In order to solve hair loss problem, you need to find out the root cause of your hair fall and from here you get the best hair treatment for it. There are many causes of hair loss. It may be inherited but there are other major causes such as due to illnesses, chemical imbalances, stress, alopecia areata, age, genetic, medication and lifestyle.

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature causses of the hair loss. For example, hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiation under cancer treatments may be temporary, once your body’s health recovered, you hair loss problem might get away.

The causes of hair loss among men and women may be varied from one and another. Hair loss due to male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is quite common in men whereas hair loss after childbirth, bad habit (trichotillomania or hair pulling) and human factors (due to hair care products and mistreatments) are common to women. The causes are quite different to each individual and it is up to the individual to get into the root cause and treat it accordingly with the right hair treatment.

Age does play a role in hair loss, when your age catching up, your hair getting thinner and thinner and in some cases, it may turn bald. This is especially true to those who are having hair loss problem due to inheritance factor. Hair loss occurs differently to different individuals. Patches of different sizes on individuals’ scalps may occur differently due to hair loss. Baldness is devastating to many people especially to women. It affects the beauty and femininity of them. To women, having shining and healthy hair make them look more attractive and beautiful. Solutions to treat serious hair fall issues involve PRP treatment, non-surgical hair loss treatment and hair transplant surgery the cost of which can be high if treatment is done in the UK or Ireland.

Causes Of Hair Loss For Women And Men

Due To Illnesses

The imbalances in the body will affect the follicle which leads to hair loss. Most of the hair loss causes by disease or illness is temporary in nature and would be growing back when the health is recovered.

Due To Cancer treatments

Cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment will experience hair loss due to the treatments. The treatments will stops hair cells from dividing, thus causing the hairs to become thin and break off. This happens after the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Patients may lose all their hair. Normally, the hair will regrow after treatment ends. Now, this hair loss can be avoided by taken drugs prescribed by the medical practitioner.

Due To Other Illnesses

Hair loss due to illness such as high fever, severe infection and flu are quite common. Illness like thyroid disease may cause hair loss too. Hair loss causes by these illnesses are temporary and will go away once your body is recovered.

Due To Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia

Hair loss due to male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is quite common to men. Many of them having hair loss problem due to male pattern baldness. This problem is due to excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) present in them which leads to hair loss. Women may have this problem too as female pattern baldness.

Due To Diet Deficiency

A proper diet in protein is important in maintaining your healthy hair. Hair loss due to low protein is common to those who are having low protein diet. It can be prevented if adequate protein is taken by the person.

Due to Side Effects of Medications

Some people might experience temporary hair falling due to the side effects of medications taken. Examples of such medications include those drugs used for arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, depression and heart problems.

Due To Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is believed to be caused by the immune system reacting to hair follicles. The hair loss is usually limited to a coin sized area and all the hair in the area is lost leaving a totally smooth round patch. It will leads to Alopecia Totalis if the problem getting serious. All hair including the eyelashes will lose.

Due To Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency may cause hair loss. Women who have problem in menstrual periods may cause iron deficiency, thus causing hair loss. It can be solved by taking some iron pills.

Due to Fungus Infection

Fungus infection is quite common in children. It starts with tiny patches of scaling that slowly spread which may cause the hair broken, swelling and redness. It can be cured easily with medication.

Due To Stress and Hectic Life Style

Due to great pressure in work and hectic life style, some people may have hair loss problem. Normally, this kind of hair loss problem is temporary, it will go away when your life is back to normal. Except for those due to genetic or Androgenic Alopecia, the hair loss problem can be solved when the stress is no longer there.

Due To Hair Pulling (Bad Habit)

This problem arises due to bad habit of pulling hairs unconsciously. It happens to children and adult too. If the habit is not stopped, permanent hair loss can happen from the constant pull on the hair.

Due To Hair Styling Treatments

It is quite common for people to style their hair by using chemicals. If the treatment is not done properly, the side effect is hair loss. The hair will become weak and break if any of these chemicals are used too frequent. Your hair may damage if the chemical solution is left on too long. Some chemicals do contain powerful chemicals which might damage your hair and cause hair loss.

What causes hair loss?
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