Young men hair transplants – Receding hairline

  • Is it ever too early for an FUE Hair Transplant?
  • What are my options as a 20 something suffering from Male Pattern Baldness?
  • FUE hair transplant – scarfree, painless and affordable
  • Hair transplant cost – FUE to treat receding hairline, hair loss at temples and vertex
  • Budapest, Hungary for hair transplant surgery – Consultation in UK
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Hair loss treatment young men in the UK: Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, LondonWhen men reach a certain age, their bodies start to change for the better and sometime for the worse. In our late teens we notice that a few of our friends are starting to show signs of hair loss. Most of these early bloomers were the guys who were shaving in grade school and we dated the hot girls. During University/College we start to notice a few others losing their hair but were not the guys who matured early. In our early 20s the receding hairline is ubiquitous among our peers and creates a sense of panic. It’s a worldwide phenomenon and one which cannot be avoided. The good news is that you can be as young as 20 and have an FUE Transplant, and in many cases is the best option as the younger the better.

Is it ever too early for an FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure can be done on individuals as young as 20 but let’s step back a bit and not jump the gun. In our late adolescence our hairline starts to change a bit which is indicative of the mature hairline. This is not male pattern baldness and is just a “symptom” of our maturing and changing bodies. If you see the hairline recede a bit or change its shape, don’t panic……yet.

Late teens and early twenties are a confusing time for men with regards to hair loss. Drying off after a shower is usually the time when we investigate our scalp and hairline to see if we will be a victim of this natural process. Natural or not, it is traumatic for many men while we spend time cruising the Internet for answers. Everything from our grandfather (mother’s father) to special cure-alls from the Far East will be under investigation.

For some it is gradual and can be a very slow process which takes decades while there are those, who in a matter of a few years understand that their fate has been determined. Hair Loss is one of the only issues that bring men together all the while praying that it doesn’t affect them or any of their friends. While it may seem like the end of the world, it is not. There are options and even though you are still a young man, hair loss is not something you need to take lying down.

Contrary to many women, men are concerned with their looks and do suffer from the same vanity as women. We hide it a bit better and overall not as obsessed with our looks as them, but hair loss is the kryptonite for any man’s confidence. No one wants to lose their confidence, especially in your 20s when you have your whole life to look forward to.

What are my options as a 20 something suffering from Male Pattern Baldness?

We specifically use the term Male Pattern Baldness, as this describes the proper medical term for a receding hairline and thinning hair. There are many other types of hair loss which can occur from medications, overall health, stress, trauma and diseases such as Alopecia, but for this article we will focus just on Male Pattern Baldness.

There is a tendency to panic, which is understandable, but don’t get caught droning around the maze of the Internet looking for some quick cure or magic pill. I’m sorry to say that in 2019 there is still no perfect solution to hair loss, although there are those that do come close.

The closest thing to a magic pill is the medications Propecia and Finasteride. These two products have been around for decades and have proven to work in some patients, although not in everyone. There are side-effects and one specific which all young men should take into consideration when taking this medication. Finasteride can cause serious issues for pregnant women who just handle the pill and can have negative effects on the unborn child. It is highly recommended that you do not take this drug if someone in your household is pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

FUE hair transplant – scarfree, painless and affordable

Hair transplant young men in the UKLet’s skip to the chase and describe the option of an FUE Hair Transplant which has proven time and time again to be the best solution for male pattern baldness in men of all ages. For young men it’s a great option as the body is healthy and most cases there is plenty of donor hair on the scalp. Good health is essential in the transplant procedure as the success depends on many factors such as blood flow, immune system, and the ability to heal quickly. As we get older, we lose a lot of these traits which can cause a less than successful outcome. The sooner the better as you can always receive follow up procedures as you and your hair loss change over time. Please check our before and after hair transplant images.

Hair transplant cost – FUE to treat receding hairline, hair loss at temples and vertex

Receding hairline treatment UK costsAnother factor which will impact your decision on whether to undergo this procedure is cost. If you’re a young man looking to start a family and buy a house, the cost of elective surgery could put you close to or in debt. Family comes first and your looks unfortunately come second.

Thankfully there is a solution which can save you up to 70% of the cost in the UK and Ireland, without sacrificing quality. With so many discount airlines flying direct to Budapest, Hungary from the UK and Ireland, it is approximately a 2.5-hour flight and will cost between £100 – £200 return/roundtrip.

Budapest, Hungary for hair transplant surgery – Consultation in UK

Hair loss at vertex treatment in the UKThe medical tourism industry in Hungary has been booming in the past 2 decades. Hungary has made a name for itself and has become the premier destination in Europe and elsewhere for those looking for inexpensive but quality procedures. Dental, Hair Transplants, Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Surgery, and General Surgery are just among the many options for medical treatment. As part of the EU and under the guise of all EU rules and regulations pertaining to surgery and medicine as a whole, all clinics and surgeons are licensed and the best available.

Take advantage of being young and healthy and contact one of our staff for a free consultation. It will be the beginning of your new and improved life!

Free consultation in Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, London

Young men hair transplants – Receding hairline
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