Hair transplant before and after images

Some sample images that demonstrate the before and after FUE hair transplant surgery states of some patients that were willing to participate. You may get similar good results depending on your own hair grafts and current state of your hair status. These images below are of informative nature only to illustrate the scale of work we can provide you to look better. Also, you may want to view the video testimonials of our patients and our best treatment prices and packages to help you decide.

How many hair graft can be transplanted from your donor area?

Many male patients suffering from Male Pattern Baldness my experience receding hairline, balding at the vertex, mature hairline and thinning hair in general. Most of men have tried oral and topical medications to make the hair grow back – with little success. One affordable and available hair loss treatment is hair transplant – FUE method especially that helps you lower the hairline, make hair thicker on the top and the vertex to re-grow your hair crown. Hair implant is a affodable, non-invasive and painless if highly experienced hair specialists perform the 1-2 day long intervention.

Know your hair graft needs and get informed before deciding

Once you find out you can have hair replacement surgery you might wonder how many hair grafts you need. Some people want 1500 or 2000 grafts at one sittting – which is possible in a one-day surgery while those in need for more than 2000 grafts may undergo a 2-day surgery. At our hair clinic in Budapest the most typical treatment takes 2 days in a warm and relaxed athmosphere with 2500 or 3000 grafts of hair follicle units implanted.

Whether you suffer from alopecia, thinng hair, receding hairline or you want thicker hair FUE hair transplant is the right choice for you! Save on costs and get back the original density of your hair with us!  *DISCLAIMER: *Results may vary in individual cases. Check out Regis’ 1 year of hair transplant stages of 2000 grafts to get an idea how FUE hair transplant works.