Hair tattoo – Scalp micropigmentation

Since there are many strictly medical procedures existent for the treatment of hair loss, some people are opting for cosmetic techniques to remedy their hair loss woes. One such approach utilizes tattooing to give bald people a kind of buzz cut. The camouflaging technique had been developed not in the United States, but in Australia by Ian Watson.

According to Ian Watson:

“My confidence was severely affected as a result of my hair loss. I developed our unique cosmetic camouflage techniques following an inspirational idea and intensive training in Australia.”

“Together with my sister-in-law, Ranbir, we have spent many years refining our treatment and have successfully worked at a clinic in London’s Harley Street and in partnership with a number of leading specialists in hair restoration and hair replacement treatments.”


The technique employed is micro-pigmentation, where the skin is imprinted with ink to hide bald areas. It is categorically known as “cosmetic camouflage”. A computer is used to design the unique imprint on the skin, and is also used in the final imprinting.

A computer is used to ensure accuracy, and less pain. The technique has had its precession even during ancient Roman times, when individuals used tattoos to hide their balding areas.

Individuals who are willing to undergo a bit of pain in more traditional means of tattooing can ask for their tattoo artists to target the scalp. What will result would be a new “head of hair”, minus the constant hair fall and combing for which hair transplants is the best solution but it comes at a higher hair loss treatment cost and takes more time to see the results.


Tattooing can also be used to restore other parts of the body that have hair, such as the eyebrows. This kind of camouflaging is being used not only by those who have trouble with their appearance, but also by cancer patients who have shed too much hair due to chemotherapy.


According to Ernest Lowenthal M.D., a dermatologist practicing in London:

“Tattooing, if done correctly and in a sterile environment with clean needles is relatively safe. A person should only approach well-known “tattoo shops” for such procedures. The patient should also make sure that the shop practices sterile techniques and knows how to handle needles.”

According to statistics, around 50% of men suffer from accelerated hair loss at least in one point of their lives. Noticeable hair loss can be seen most especially between the ages of 35 and 60, when the hair has suffered the most damage from environmental conditions and hereditary components.

You should remember that such tattooing techniques do not usually cost a lot of money, but are generally painful. Because the ink should be imprinted deep enough, vibrating needles are used to transmit the ink directly into the deeper layers of the scalp.

The good thing about this is that the scalp is generally thicker than body skin, and can therefore handle more pain than other more sensitive parts of the body.

You can easily practice your creativity if you wish to undergo such tattooing, because you are not limited by the designs and colors that you wish to be imprinted on your scalp.

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