Hair transplant before and after 2000 Grafts


  • 4,000 Hair Procedure
  • Pre-surgery experience
  • 1 Week Post-Surgery
  • 3 Months Post-Surgery
  • 6 Months Post-Surgery
  • 1-1.5 Years and a Full Head of Hair

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to a quality Hair Transplant, there can be no better marketing tool then a happy patient. We can write fawning reviews about the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure but when it comes to having elective cosmetic procedures, potential patients want to see the before, during and after images.

Regis and his 4,000 Hair Transplant (2000 grafts)

Hair transplant of 2000 grafts - before and after imageSome of the best things in life are unplanned, so when Regis went to visit Budapest, I’m not sure how much he realized that his life would change for the better. Because he was in Budapest, he was able to stop by the clinic for a free 25-minute consult to evaluate his hair loss and to discuss the best solution. A thorough consult is available online as well and most patients use this option.

It was decided that at this time, the proper amount would be 4,000 for this treatment. The consultation was enough for Regis to book a session for late that March to start his treatment. Even though they decided on the 4,000 hairs, plans can always change before the session on whether more or less are required. Although it is only one treatment, Regis can at a later date decide he needs a bit more. The FUE 2 (Follicular Unit Extraction) Safe System which Regis underwent offers patients the flexibility to have more transplants in the future.

As you can see from the image, Regis wanted to increase his hairline as well as fill in the area where it was thinning. For his type of hair loss, the 4,000 was a great option.

Day After Hair Loss Surgery

One day after hair loss surgeryWhat most patients of any type of surgery do not realize is that the few days and sometimes weeks after the surgery are almost as important as the surgery itself. Post-op care needs to be treated with a delicate balance and adherence to the instructions of the doctors. The same applies with hair transplants and all the instructions that need to be followed.

As with see with the day after image, the scalp is tender, red with some swelling. This is natural and the first phase of the post-op care. In some images of procedures done in other countries, the scalp will be covered. This is one of the worst things you can do and can lead to and unsuccessful transplant.

The head should not be covered at all and all attempts should be made not to sleep on or aggravate the traumatized area. You will also be required to refrain from washing your hair for a whole week. Since Regis’ hair is very short, this should not be an issue. The visible scabs are normal and should be left untouched.

One Week After Hair Restoration

One week after hair restoration - hair transplant timelineWhat a difference a week makes! As you can see there is no more swelling, and all of the redness and scabbing have disappeared. Approximately 10 day after surgery the heeling will begin, and the sensitivity of the scalp will slowly return to normal.

Between week 4 and week 12 panic sometimes sets in with the patients. At this time the implanted hairs will start to shed (fall out) and start their natural cycle of growth. For those who do not follow or read the instructions this will come as a shock and set some patients into a panic. Again, it’s a natural process, although for men with hair loss, a somewhat disturbing process.

3 Months Post-Surgery

3 months after hair transplant of 4000 hairsIt’s a somewhat maddening process, but after 3 months your hair will look very similar to what it looked like prior to the surgery. Fortunately, this is only temporary as the new hairs will start to grow at this time. You must remember that the FUE Procedure is a yearlong process which takes patience from the patient.

6 months after FUE hair transplant in Budapest Hair Clinic

If you make it past the 4 months, then everything will turn the corner and the results will start to appear to the naked eye. The hair will start to grow, thereby increasing the density of the implanted area. Around 6 months after the surgery, about half of the new hairs will be visible as they start to sprout out from the scalp. If you compare the images after 6 months with those before the surgery, you will be able to see significant progress.

1 Year After Hair Implant Surgery

One year after hair transplant surgery - 2000 graftsWith new hairs continuing to grow until about 1.5 years after surgery, each week you will see a fuller head of hair. The process which Regis under went (FUE 2 Safe System) has a success rate between 90%-95%. Those that do not succeed are usually associated with previous health issues, improper post-surgery care, age, and an incomplete medical history from the patient. From the beginning of the process, the patient needs to honestly answer all the questions from the doctors and clinic.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having an FUE procedure as soon as possible. As we discussed in other articles, the younger a patient is, the better chance there is of a successful outcome. Regis was fortunate enough to come at a good time in his life, although if he waited a few more years or a decade, the results would not have been so successful. As he took the 4000 hairs package he paid £ 2690 for the procedure with transfers and accommodation included. He saved over 55% UK hair transplant cost and he is happy about the scarfree, painless and affordable FUE hair transplant results.

Contact our staff for your free consultation and become another “Regis” and the guy with a full head of hair.

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