How to find the right hair transplant surgeon?

How to find the hair transplant surgeon?One thing we do know for sure and that is, that hair transplants do work. The biggest hurdle for some individuals isn’t the investigation of the hair transplant process; it’s the actual cost of the hair transplant that prohibits them from having surgery.

The cost of a hair transplant can range from $4,000 all the way up to $20,000. There are many factors that determine the costs of hair transplants including the hair transplant clinic (what a particular clinic believes they can charge for a transplant), the amount of grafts that are required, the cost per graft and the type of hair transplant surgery that an individual has elected to have (FUE vs. FUT).

The importance of finding the right hair transplant surgeon cannot be understated. Making this decision will affect you for the rest of your life as the wrong decision can, at worst, leave you scarred and disfigured whereas at best the results from the wrong decision can be slightly noticeable. The goal of any hair transplant procedure is for 100% naturalness above all else.

What are the factors to consider when choosing your hair transplant doctor? First, you should look online to see if there are any complaints. This can be a tricky endeavor as you may be forced to decipher whether or not the complaints are legitimate. Complaints of bad work (without photographic evidence) could be due to disagreements over final price or any sort of disagreements that might exist between patient and doctor. In other words complaints should typically be taken with a grain of salt unless some sort of documentation is provided.

Even if no complaints are found however does not mean there are not any complaints to begin with. You can also look to your local medical authorities such as the state medical board to check up on any historical complaints about a doctor you are considering. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another resource at your disposal.

One should ultimately look for a long list of satisfied patient results. This too can be found using online search engines or the various websites dedicated to the sharing of information between patients. If at all possible you should ask your considered clinic to provide you with a list of no fewer than five names of patients that you can speak with on the phone or possibly in person. Of course, this is also at the discretion of the former patient but if the clinic you are considering has a long track record of successful results then finding at least five patients that are willing to speak to you should not be a problem. It is the hair clinics that cannot or will not provide this information that you should cross off your list of candidate clinics.

Finally, you should not look at the results of patients that look like you WANT to look like. Look at patients that have results that are realistic for your particular scenario. In other words, don’t look at someone that only needed hairline work when you need a complete front to back reconstruction and then aspire to have their results. You need to find patients that also received front to back reconstruction results. Then and only then will you have an idea of whether or not the clinic(s) you are considering can handle a case like your own.

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