What to Look For when you need a Hair Loss Clinic in Hungary

Hair Transplant Clinic abroadWhen you are looking for hair loss clinics, especially if you are opting for one abroad, check their credibility first. Look for reviews on the internet from people who have already had this kind of surgery. You may be planning on a vacation there at the same time, so you really need to get the best results.

If you can view photos of the clinic or results from other patients this will give you an idea about the hygiene, and personal patient care at the clinic. Where is the building located? Is it quiet and peaceful? If you were able to check first-hand what the clinics are like before you visit that would be better. Are they a part of any health association? If so they should use disposable instruments to ensure that the next patient gets a clean set of devices for their implants. Make sure the surgeons are qualified in FUE (Follicular unit extraction) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method. Make sure you get documented evidence that you will be getting an experienced surgeon and long-lasting treatment, and that the clinic is willing to rectify any failures for no extra cost.

Hair Loss Clinics and Their Methods of Transplantation

The FUT Method

This is also known as strip harvesting where donor hairs are taken from the occipital area on the scalp. Hairs are removed horizontally in a long narrow strip from one ear to the other at the back of the head. The wounds are then closed, before moving on to the actual transplanting.  This will also minimize scarring as a trichophytic suture is used, so that hairs will grow through the scar. This strip is then cut into pieces containing between one and four hair called follicular units or follicular unit grafts. The area that needs these hair implants is cut with small incisions on the scalp where the grafts are added.

The FUE Method

Follicular units are removed one at a time with a micro punch knife, causing scars that are just hardly visible dots on the scalp. About eight hundred to one thousand five hundred grafts can be made per surgery. The next day this can be increased up to three thousand implants. This needs a higher technical skill and experienced doctors. Therefore, the price is a lot higher than the costs of the other transplant method. The implants are attached to the scalp the same way as with the FUT method. This technique is used for small areas, such as minimal hair loss.

If you want to receive high-quality but cheaper hair transplantation, the best choice would be the Hungarian capital, Budapest.