Hair Transplant Post Operative Care

hair transplants - Post operative care key to successHair Transplant surgery is just like any other surgery and every precaution must be taken to ensure a successful outcome as well as the well-being of the patient. Not following the prescribed care from the doctor can cause not only discomfort but an unsuccessful outcome as well as long term medical issues. The success of the hair transplant starts before the surgery and as early as the contact form and questionnaire. We cannot stress the importance of full disclosure.

Be honest about your medical conditions

Information provided to the doctors determines how the surgery will proceed and even if surgery is a viable option. All past and current illnesses need to be provided as well as any medications or health issues. If you are not sure about a certain medical condition, then please inform the doctor as the issue might not be an impediment to getting surgery. With the advancement in techniques and care, most patients are eligible.

If the information you provide is incorrect or misleading, the surgery could lead to serious long-term health issues. There are also certain factors that will disqualify you from surgery, so honesty is the best policy.

Post-operative care in hair transplants

The hair transplants that we provide are guaranteed and post-op care is monitored to make certain that you are following the prescribed regimen. You will be asked to send pictures and updates to ensure the healing process is going according to planned. The guarantee is in effect as long as you follow the recommended post-op care. If you do not, then the transplant might not be successful, and the guarantee will be null and void.

Our goal is to provide you with the best outcome possible and to assist you in your new life with a full head of hair. This can only occur when both the patient and doctor have an honest conversation and each party provides full disclosure.

Following this advice will ensure a full head of hair (at very favourable rates) and the life you once remembered of confidence and pride!

Watch what Sean has to say about our hair transplant clinic and before-after surgery!

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