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If you want to improve a product or service, then introduce healthy competition into the market and let the companies battle for the customers. This is what propelled the economies of the world in the last 150 years and will hopefully continue. You can never have too much competition, although when competitors use tactics such as graft, payoffs and shortcuts, then the consumer suffers. In this case the consumer is the Hair Transplant patient and the companies are the clinics vying for their business in Turkey.

Turkey Hair Transplants

With approximately 65,000 hair transplants performed every year in Turkey, and with the average transplant costing $1,300, there is approximately $85 million of business out there. But with so many clinics popping up, each and every patient is incredibly important for the business. To gain these patients clinics are doing everything they can to cut costs and outwit their competitors.

Cost Cutting

Although all companies undergo cost-cutting at some time in their existence, cutting costs for clinics providing surgical procedures is especially difficult and inherently risky. Margins are so thin on Hair Transplant procedures, there are only two options. One is to increase the number of patients and/or cut overhead costs.

The cost cutting usually happens at the staff level. What this entails is a doctor performing the initial consultation and being on staff, but when the surgery occurs the doctor will do a quick check and then in many cases a nurse or an assistant will do the surgery.

This is a serious issue and one that is endemic in Turkey. Remember this is surgery and needs to be preformed by a trained medical professional. Having a nurse, who does have training in medicine, perform the surgery is dangerous and illegal. The way most clinics get around this is to pay off those in charge of enforcing the regulations and laws.


Failed hair transplant Turkey

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Another way to cut cost is to reuse instruments or to not sterilize them after use. Even improperly sterilizing the instruments can cause infections and other issues. From tattoo equipment to major surgery equipment, all these instruments need to be sterilized through an Autoclave.

This is a pressure chamber which uses elevated temperatures and non-ambient pressure to sterilize equipment. These come in all configurations, although even the smallest are expensive to purchase or lease. These need to be certified once or twice a year and in many cases 4 times per year. If the certifications are not renewed and machines not checked, there is the strong possibility that improper sterilization will occur.

Up until the mid-19th century infections were the leading cause of death in hospitals. Even today, infections from germs and bacteria transferred just by touch is a major problem in hospitals. Non-sterile equipment carries bacteria which spreads during the procedure and in some cases causes slight infections or in extreme cases Necrosis, which then needs to be removed. Necrosis on the scalp is not an issue which should be left to chance as this can cause other severe health issues.

Increasing the Number of Transplants

With 90% of the patients in Turkey coming from the Middle East and North Africa, many clinics are setting up cheap package deals which includes everything from the surgery, airfare, accommodations and food. These can be as low as $600 which seems almost impossible.

To make money, speed is the key and the shorter the procedure the more patients can be run through the clinic in a day. You could consider this process more akin to an assembly line than to a surgical clinic whose number one goal is its patients’ health and well-being. Most of the procedures are the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure using the strip method. Find out more on the latest hair transplant method FUE on our dedicated page.

FUT Procedure

FUT vs FUE hair transplant procedureIn this procedure a strip from the back of the head or other donor areas is removed from the scalp and the grafts are taken from the strip and implanted into the balding area. When done properly, the grafts of hair will be dissected from the strip without any surrounding skin and will be implanted into the scalp. This will leave not visible scars and will look very natural, although it is very time consuming.

If you are looking to save time and money, then you would not go through the trouble of removing all the surrounding skin and would improperly force the skin and follicle into the scalp. This will leave the area with many small bumps on the transplanted area. From images, the difference between a proper procedure and a rushed procedure is obvious to say the least.

Cost and Quality

In some cases, there is an inverse relationship between quality and cost. Its obvious from the above information that quality not only suffers with the low cost, but the repercussions are at best unacceptable and at worst is malpractice and dangerous. To make matters worse, most patients who have been victim to this negligence are never made whole.

Language, culture and archaic laws make any type of recourse close to impossible. From the cost of hiring a lawyer, translator, flying back to Turkey and just contacting the clinic is cost prohibitive. Many of these patients cut their losses and seek a remedy from surgeons in their home country although sometimes its too late.

Affordable and Quality Hair Transplants

Is there an alternative to a quality $15,000 Hair Transplant in the UK, Ireland and Europe or an unprofessional and dangerous $900 transplant in Turkey? Yes, there is, and you do not need to travel far to undergo a high-quality natural looking transplant which is affordable.

Hungary has been an attractive destination for Medical Tourism for the past 20 years. Just like Turkey, Hungary provides affordable Hair Transplants, but with none of the risks and complications associated with going to Turkey.

Hair Transplant Hungary – Budapest Hair Clinic

As a member in good standing of the European Union, Hungary is under the strict guise of the medical standards of all the EU countries as well as the laws and regulations. The Hair Clinics in Hungary are exactly what you would find in your home country but for a much more affordable price. The low cost of living in Hungary is translated into lower medical costs which are past down to the patients.

Best hair transplant option in Europe (EU)With discount flights to many European cities with a maximum flying time of 2.5 hours and the cost of accommodations included in the price of the transplant, coming to Budapest is an easy solution. The highly trained doctors and staff will make your experience unforgettable while undergoing a life changing experience for approximately $2,500. See our before and after results.

But don’t take my word for it as there are many satisfied customers from our clinic sharing their stories. Go to our site and see what a Hair Transplant in Hungary can do for your life. Contact us for a free consultation and begin your journey.

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